Aarale Ben Arieh

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Playground sculptures

Playground Design

One of the sculptor’s most noteworthy innovations is in designing and constructing outdoor sculpture playgrounds. The combination of monumental sculpture and outdoor sculpture elements was conceived by the sculptor back in the early nineties. The pieces are characterized by a fusion of outdoor art and functionality, usually executed in collaboration with a landscape architect and designed according to the strictest safety standards.

The Spider Sculpture in Holon is an example of an outdoor monumental sculpture which integrates a vivid experiential playground. The near-twenty meter high wood and metal sculpture blends into the surrounding architecture as if they were designed reciprocally. Adults and children can frolic in and around the sculpture which was designed and optimized for this purpose. The ‘what’ and ‘how’ are optimally intertwined and, despite its huge size, it poses neither a threat nor steals valuable space, but rather accomplishes the exact opposite. The sculpture was commissioned and constructed in 2001 by the Municipality of Holon.

Encouraging Feelings of Accomplishment and Challenging Imagination

Through sculpted images and structural complexity, the sculptures challenge children’s imagination and invite them to play physically in an unusual environment. They encourage in children a feeling of accomplishment through active involvement and identification with their natural surroundings.

Planning and Construction Process

The playground sculptures are planned and designed as unique elements that are site specific. Planning and construction are accompanied by professional engineers and adherence to safety standards. Construction materials are the finest available in the field and are tailored to the specific needs of the environs. Materials are adapted to withstand variable weather conditions, be resistant to vandalism and, most of all, enable inexpensive and minimal maintenance.


In over twenty-five years, the sculptor has accumulated a variety of clients from the private, municipal and government sectors. His reputation precedes him and he regularly receives direct inquiries for his work from Israeli and foreign planning authorities. In addition, he initiates entrepreneurial contact, receives inquiries from entrepreneurs and participates in tenders. He often works in collaboration with landscape architects who integrate his pieces into their plans in the initial planning stages.