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Down to Earth Daydreamer

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About the artist


Down-to-Earth Daydreamer

 From within a sense of great uncertainty, I create the reality of my life.As the number of earthly beings, so is the number of "realities".  They are all connected together, forming one, spacious wholeness that certainly affects me as well.

Other realities serve as "mirrors" through which I meet myself. I believe that every phenomenon is part of an evolutionary process that cannot be measured in terms of good or evil, right or wrong.  The hidden and unseen greatly exceed the clear and obvious and I am overcome by the curious impulse to lessen these endless boundaries. My curiosity is particularly arisen by that which remains unexplainable.  I find my way guided by my feelings, my conscience and the sense of being true to the moment.I sense a belonging to the Jewish Culture and to the Land of Israel.  This sense of belonging stands on its own, independent of any historical proof, Scriptural prophecy or confirmation from a spiritual authority of any kind.Just as I love to belong, I love to be different.  For me, this difference is a type of belonging.   My creations are sculptures and environmental works of art that invite physical touch, joyful play and pensive thought.  Huge environmental objects are created from small models that are built close to my heart.    My work strives for simplicity and attempts to express more by means of less.  The intensities are discovered through the joining of man and environment.  There are dozens of elements integrated together into a wholeness of shape in which the "what" and the "how" are always combined together.  Through the integration of matter, man and environment I offer onlookers an artistic experience that hopefully induces a sense of encouragement and security in their own self-identity.

I am drawn to working with natural materials, different types of wood, various kinds of metals, as well as modern, contemporary materials, in rather unusual combinations.  The characteristics of the matter and the environment serve as my starting point and as a "compass".  Needs serve as an encouraging framework and the encounter with "limitation" awakens my desire to surge forward and break through the barriers.     Most of my works have no visual sign of meaningful declaration.  The meaning serves as but another detail in the overall abstractness and is chosen intuitively, primarily for creating an additional dimension and as a mental connecting point.   My creations are universal, whereas I, myself, am not really so.       I am the most down-to-earth daydreamer you will ever meet.



Aarale Ben Arieh          www.aarale.com

Born in 1955  Israel

Aarale can be best described as an artist who “creates an experience”.

He believes that a visual & sensual experience aids one in improving his inner and social sensitivity. His work, ranging from small to large, is forwarded to all that is human & humanitarian in each one.

His perception as an artist is a social one, beginning and ending with a deep obligation towards what he regards as social duty.

Aarala is an artist deriving from the core material. His work is based upon natural ingredients, which he manages to turn into “profound sounds” , stimulating the sensual & the emotional aspects of his audience. As best described by the late Isika Gaon, senior archivist- Israeli National Museum:

“His origins derive from material, moreover, originate from the collusion between material & concept. The Why & How always come together. His work consists of a mixture of elements, combined into a solely unique shape.”

Sensuality, Materialism, Movement & Active experience are the basic ideas behind his work, which he refers to as “Active Sculptures”. Aarale’s work consists of exterior active structures, as well as interior sculptures made by gracious material. Eventually, the diversity of shapes & structure, appears, successfully as exterior monuments and miniatures.

Although the consumers of his art tend to live in urban areas, Aarale has chosen to place his studio within an agricultural surrounding (where he also lives), thus enabling him to create by experiencing optimal intimacy with creation.

Aarale is an autodidact, who has chosen to surround himself with artists rather than joining the academy. Artists such as Moshe Shech (Juck), the painter Rafi Mintz, Palestinian wood crafters and sculptors from Gaza are considered as his masters. Throughout these gatherings, Aarale has developed his unique understanding, which serves as the core perception of his ideas as an artist. Along the years, Aarale has taken the road, which assessed him to create freely and independently.

Aarale’s arts may be found at various public resorts around the state of Israel as well as in foreign countries. His works are held in private collections as well as in acquisitions of important museums. His customers vary the same, as they consist of private collectors, customers, municipal & governmental factors and private & public entrepreneurs.

Projects combining children’s playgrounds, receive the relevant affirmations at the highest level required in every country.

 Partial Projects List:

  • 1989- The dinosaur Garden – Beit Arie- monuments for play made of full wood.
  • 1990- Yellow Animals- Jerusalem- Active park sculptures.
  • 1992- Lions Garden – Jerusalem-sculptures for play
  • 1993- Ecolog Lenin, Berlin- exterior sculpture made of wood & נירוסטה. Crown Garden –Jerusalem- Sculptures for play and exterior sculptures.
  • 1997- Fish Garden –Modeen- horizontal sculptures for play.
  • 1998- Birds Of Eden-Tefen Museum- exterior sculptures, purchased by the museum.
  • The Dinosaurs -Kiryat Ata- active sculptures, sculptures for play.
  • 1999-The alley of Shavshavot – Kiryat Shmona –exterior sculptures combined with the area’s re-designing.
  • 2000-The ships – Jaffo- sculptures for play & re-designing of the area.
  • 2001- Hoyer  – Denmark
  • 2001- Leaves – Tel Aviv – Sculpturing & shadowing.
  • 2002- Carrara – Italy
  • 2002- The Spider – Hulon – An exterior monument, monuments for play.
  • 2003-  The Pomegranate -finland
  • The lightened herd- Herzelia-An exterior sculpture.
  • 2003 "machine" Lod , working sculpture
  • 2003  "yellow sea "   Qiryat-Mozkin
  • 2004 "pomegranate"  Eilat
  • 2004  "The sevens leafs "  shadow sculptures , Petahh-Tikva
  • 2005  " The blue elephants "  playground sculpture park
  • 2005  " the pomegranate"  Tel-aviv
  • 2006 "the blue elephants"  petahh-tikva
  • 2007  " the whale labyrinth"  bear –sheva
  • 2007  " the golden pomegranates " Jerusalem
  • 2008    "The whale labyrinth"    Beersheba
  • 2010  " The whale tails", Ashkelon
  • 2010   The Giants – Stuttgart – project in progress
  • 2011   Holon   "Gan Gurim"
  • 2012  Tel- Aviv   "Human situations"

Main clients:

Private collections.

The city of Jerusalem, The Government of Branderburgh-Germany, The city of Tel Aviv, The city of Hoyer- Denemark, The National Gardens organization, The National Tourism Organization, Kemijarvh- Lefland, The National Israeli Museum (Jerusalem), The City of Kiryat Ata, Tefen Museum, The Theatre of Jerusalem, The Company of Industrial Structures, ministry of  construction & housing

Partial exhibitions list:

  • 1987- toy sculptures  (The National Israeli Museum)
  • 1990- Wooden sculptures (Artist’s House – Jerusalem)
  • 1994- Sculptures according to phrases in Yiddish (Yeshiva University Museum, New York)
  • 1997-The idea in the material  (The National Israeli Museum.)
  • 2000 – " aarale experience "  Gilo , Jerusalem
  • 2003 – " my longing to the sea"  Tzafrir gallery
  • 2005  –  (future exhibition) " in said parts "
  • 2007 – "when east meat west" Stuttgart
  • 2008 –  " The fantasies city "   Esslingen Germany
  • 2008 –   "Life on the fence"  Gan Shmuel gallery
  • 2011-  " low tech – high spirit"  Gerstein Gallery