Aarale Ben Arieh

Down to Earth Daydreamer

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Shadow Sculptures

Shade Sculptures

The combination of form and function epitomized by Aarale ben Arieh’s work finds its most perfect expression in shade sculpture. Animal and plant motifs are simplified, assuming the capacity of shade. The inherent tension between soft cloth and hard materials forms a light and airy creation that simultaneously provides shade and breathtaking environmental sculpture. Shade sculptures provide shading for areas measuring tens to hundreds of square meters, and afford people the experience of being embraced by an environmental, arty space that also offers welcome shade.

The shade sculptures titled "Leaves" were built on an educational campus and were designed to serve as an "open class" below which students could gather for studies in the open air.

In contrast, the huge fin sculpture was built as a solution for shade over an area measuring ​​about 800 square meters near the beach.

The shade sculptures are designed by the artist to be compatible with their unique surroundings and the special climatic and human needs that characterize their location.