Aarale Ben Arieh

Down to Earth Daydreamer

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Workshops & Master Classes

Workshops, Art Classes – Ceramic, Metal and Wood Sculpture

Students of diverse ages meet with Aarale to learn from and internalize his legacy and extensive experience. He offers courses and seminars in metal, wood, clay and ceramic sculpture using integrated techniques. His Tzafririm studio, equipped with a wide variety of tools and materials, serves as the location for these courses and seminars, which have official approval as continuing education courses. Each student receives the personal attention their individual needs and ideas require. Aarale’s teaching technique combines instructional guidance and freedom of expression.

Art Workshops and Courses on Offer

– Advanced Sculpture Course: using diverse techniques
– Special workshop to build a wooden toy

– Ceramic Sculpture Course: Emphasis on traditional manual techniques. Kilning of ceramic works is performed in a wood-fired kiln in the studio backyard
– A single goal-oriented workshop for groups or a special event, by appointment. Designed for executive staff events, students in special educational programs or for employee or family fun days.

For more information or to sign up, kindly email or phone Aarale directly.