Aarale Ben Arieh

Down to Earth Daydreamer

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Transparent Sculptures

Transparent Sculptures

The term "transparent sculptures" was pioneered by Aarale as a general name for large environmental sculptures designed to reduce to a minimum any break in the line of vision. The desire to create monumental sculpture in an urban space requires consideration of any visual congestion that already exists. The sculpture must prove itself worthy by providing appropriate added value, and its existence must be justified by increasing the merged aesthetic and practical value. Thus, the artist was moved to invent an artistic language aimed at addressing this philosophy, that is “light” sculpture which offers significant experiential benefit.

Examples of this can be viewed in the artist’s portfolio under the category "Transparent Sculptures,” most notably the piece titled "Transparent Fish." This sculpture materializes the goal to erect a large, experiential environmental sculpture which allows the public to move on and inside it. The sculpture offers seating and an observation point over the surrounding landscape, with shade cover that is intrinsically woven into the design. The public becomes part of the sculpture and the environment. Constructed of steel mesh, the body of the sculpture hoists itself as well as the seating area and shade cover. The urban landscape beyond peeps through recesses in the sculpture. The image obtained is one of tenderness, and despite its size, it blends in and enriches the environment.