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עם עץ
cans 1
ceramic mashin
aarale ceramice
bte 10-11
bte 8-9
cans 1.jpg

high 120cm

עם עץ.jpg

high 100 cm

על הנןף.jpg

In the early eighties, Ben Arieh developed close ties with potters and carpenters in the Gaza Strip. He worked alongside them as an apprentice and considered them his guides and mentors in art. He drew inspiration from the Palestinian material culture, the unique colorful paintings of pilgrims returning from Mecca and the vast expanses of sand dunes. At the same time, he studied under the late sculptor Moshe Shek (Jook) and the painter Rafi Mintz. Shaping his artistic outlook, these years became his formative years and their influence is apparent throughout his work. Ben Arieh has maintained the legacy of his mentors, both Arabs and Jews, and over the years has taught both young and old in his Tzafririm studio.

The ceramic oven
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